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Miss Teresa Teng

On 20 October 2014, an indirectly wholly-owned subsidiary of the Company and TNT Production Limited (“TNT”) entered into a co-operation joint venture framework agreement (“Framework Agreement”) for the formation of a joint venture company to engage in the production and utilisation of certain holograms of Miss Teresa Teng subject to the conditions precedent contained in the Framework Agreement. The joint venture company is to be owned as to 60% by the Group and 40% by TNT. The joint venture company’s business will be production of new holograms of Miss Teresa Teng using digital 3-Dimensional technology and the exploitation of such new holograms in the entertainment business, including and not limited to concerts, albums, movies, advertisements etc., around the world.

TNT warrants the exclusivity of rights conferred to the joint venture company under the Framework Agreement and the authenticity of the certificates and licences of the intellectual property rights (“IP Rights”), and TNT and 財團法人鄧麗君文教基金會 (“Teresa Teng Foundation” for identification purpose) and/or 鄧麗君文化事業有限公司 (“Teresa Teng Culture Corporation Limited” for identification purpose) not having made any transfer, franchise, licence, pledge or any other disposals in relation to the IP Rights which may affect or restrain TNT from fulfilling its obligations under the Framework Agreement.

In 2013, the Group employed the latest “Virtual Image Reconstruction Technology” from Hollywood, the U.S. to create 3-D images, bringing back the late international superstar Miss Teresa Teng to sing with Mr. Jay Chou on stage in “The Opus Jay 2013 World Tour”. The performances have been so enchanting that more than 100,000 people have attended the concerts. Supported by the renowned VFX service provider under the Group, Miss Teng became the first Chinese singer to be “resurrected” through virtual image reconstruction technology. A professional team stationed in Hollywood was responsible for transforming the initial concept into reality. This success has laid a solid foundation for the Group to enter the high-end media entertainment and film production market.

Miss Teng is generally considered to be the all-time greatest Asian singing star. The name “TNT” originates from the first letter of the English first name and family name of Miss Teresa Teng, “T” and “T”. TNT is mainly responsible for Miss Teresa Teng’s video and audio entertainment business and related copyright licensing matters worldwide, with projects covering concerts, musicals, television dramas, movies, etc.

For details, please refer to the Company’s announcements dated 20 October 2014 and 29 January 2015.

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8 April 2015
Press conference on Teresa Teng 20th anniversary virtual image memorial concert “If A Wish Could Be Made”

In memory of the 20th anniversary of the passing of the singing queen Teresa Teng, Digital Domain joins hands with Teresa Teng Foundation in organizing Teresa Teng 20th anniversary virtual image memorial concert “If A Wish Could Be Made” which will be held at Taipei Arena on 9 May highlighting an all-new “virtual image reconstruction technique” (MOVA). Today, a press conference was held to showcase this pioneering move to reproduce the singing queen on stage.

9 May 2015
“If A Wish Could Be Made”: singing queen Teresa Teng gracefully reappears on stage

Teresa Teng 20th anniversary virtual image memorial concert “If A Wish Could Be Made” was successfully held at Taipei Arena. Making use of the high technology “virtual image reconstruction technique” (MOVA), Digital Domain reproduced the glamour of the late singing queen Teresa Teng on stage and, even more challenging, arranged a soulful duet with Taiwan’s prominent singer Fei Yu Ching transcending time and space.

Invitation Letter

Virtual Human - Miss Teresa Teng

Miss Teresa Teng is singing with Mr. Fei Yuqing